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The key to writing a good essay is not just in doing hard work. There is also the matter of having the skills necessary to get the job done. Anyone can be a writer, but not everybody can be the best in their chosen field of writing. This is how we came up with a system that works for AwardedEssay.com

We only hire essay writers, who can write your essay by passing our high standards when it comes to quality and efficiency. It is not enough for them to be skilled and creative – they have to be quick on their toes as well. And where can you find those kinds of writers? At your academic doorstep.

Our writers have different levels of academic degrees, ranging from graduates with bachelor’s degrees to one with master’s and doctorate degrees. They work depending on the needs of our clients and we can ensure that they will deliver any paper according to the academic level it requires.

What are our criteria for our professional writers?

  1. They must possess an academic accomplishment not lower than a bachelor’s degree in a specific field of study we require.
  2. They must have ample years of experience in writing published papers, articles, and journals.
  3. They must pass our advanced written exam in order to qualify as one of our writers.

Our writers can cater to any paper our clients need, whether it’s a high school assignment or a complete dissertation. We also offer options for people, who are building their careers, like resume and cover letter writing. Apart from that, businesses can take advantage of our services by ordering copywriting papers, editing services, and proofreading services.

Other than that, our writers are capable of writing other papers that are not related to academia, career tracks, or businesses. Just say the word and we will assign the best writer, who matches your requirements, as well as the academic level or corporate provisions needed.

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