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Book Review

Book reviews are not a simple summary of the book but an analysis of it. Consider answering the questions when writing the review:

  • Did you like the book?
  • What is your opinion of it?
  • Was it entertaining?
  • Will you recommend it to your family and friends?
  • Will you read it again after some time?

These are just some of the issues you can consider when writing your review. Remember that your audience is not compelled to believe what you write so the goal is to be fair and honest about your review as much as possible to present the book the best way possible.

Movie Review

Movie reviews, like book reviews, are not a simple summary of the movie but an analysis of its components including the characters, the plot, and its technical aspects. One of the reasons in writing a movie review is for people to decide on whether they are going to watch it. These are some of the things you can include in your review:

  • What did you like in the movie?
  • What did you hate in the movie?
  • Will you recommend it to your family and friends?
  • Will you watch it again after a few years?

Case Study

Case studies are studies of a people, groups, or situations that have been studied over time. They are produced by following a formal research method. Like detective stories, case studies are built from arguments and in order to write good arguments, you have to make a thorough research of the topic.

Lab Report

Lab reports are reports describing and analyzing a laboratory experiment that explores a scientific concept. Like any other science paper that has to strictly follow a method, lab reports are not very easy to write. They require complete information about the project, the period in which you conduct the project, and the results among others.

Article Critique

Article critiques are not simple criticisms of an article. They are a specific style of essay that identifies, evaluates, and responds to the ideas of an author no matter if they are positive or negative. Article critiques are usually applied to academic sources and answer the following questions:

  • What is the main idea of the article?
  • How convincing are the arguments used in the article?
  • What issues are raised in the article?


Coursework writing refers to any component included in the syllabus of a course or a subject such as projects, folios, and essays. As the name implies, it is written mainly for academic purposes in which the professor or teacher will gauge the students in their capacity to follow instructions and research about the required topics.

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations not only call for impeccable writing skills but as well as the ability to create a visually stimulating report complete with graphics. These presentations are commonly used in the classroom for lectures and reports. Additionally, you can produce handouts, outlines, and speaker’s notes using the presentation.


Speech writing is the art of writing a speech usually for a public presentation. The following are the key points that have to be considered when writing a speech:

  • The flow
  • The audience
  • Ability of the audience to relate to the topic
  • Ability to get your point across


Copywriting is the process of conveying through online and print media any written content for the purposes of advertising and marketing. This category usually includes website content writing, writing a press release, news article writing, blog post help, website review creation, and help with product review among others.

Website Content

Any website needs content and a good one at that to keep it on top of the search engines. To do this, you will have to constantly fill it with updated and relevant materials to attract new visitors and maintain current ones. Different audience requires different types and levels of content and this is why web content has to have the ability to cater to all walks of life in order to build a bigger network that will visit the website regularly and keep it on top of the search results.

Press Release

Press releases are the quickest and easiest way to get free publicity. When it is well-written, it can lead to multiple published articles about yourself and your business. The following items are some things you have to consider when writing a press release:

  • Aim to grab attention
  • Use a formal or academic language
  • Keep it informative but interesting

Website Review

Website reviews are quite helpful especially to those who want to make sure they do not get defrauded or scammed. This type of review must consider the following items and provide their evaluation of the following:

  • Products and Services
  • Customer Services
  • Prices and Discounts

Product Review

Product Reviews, just like web reviews, are where potential customers go to before making a purchase. This is to ensure that they do not get defrauded or scammed. A product review must be able to evaluate the overall quality of the product, break it down to its important features, and compare the price to other companies that offer the same. The purpose of which is for consumers to decide on whether to buy or look for another company that sells the same product.

Resume and CV Writing

Your CV or resume is the most important tool when it comes to job hunting. It is basically a summary of yourself from your personal contact details, education background, professional experience, to relevant skills. It is very vital to be able to create a resume that is tailor fit to the requirements and taste of the company you are applying for and that which will present yourself in the best light possible.

Math/Science Services

Math or Science problem solving is probably one of the most in-demand services for students who struggle with these major and important subjects. After all, aren’t these two the core subjects of our educational system? Math or Science services allow students to procure the help of experts in order to resolve Mathematical and Scientific problems.

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