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Editing is a step that a student or any writer should take before wrapping up their paper. After all, regardless of your expertise, you are bound to commit a mistake or two, perhaps even more, on your first draft.

Editing thesis or any paper serves to improve the soundness and quality of your writing by going through the process of adding, deleting, or revising both sentences and paragraphs to make sure that every argument made is clear and that the whole document is cohesive and comprehensive. 

Proofreading is the next step to take before wrapping up your paper. It serves to free your paper from any grammatical or usage error. There are a lot of essay editing services online that you can avail of to help you with either editing or proofreading or both.

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What AwardedEssay Offers

AwardedEssay is a top essay editing service that hires only professional writers to help you perfect your papers – from essays to articles to theses to dissertations, you name it. It offers the following among others:

  • Admission essay editing services – admission essay is a prerequisite to almost all colleges and universities before they admit student applicants. It enables the admissions department to check the student’s values and accomplishments that they cannot otherwise see in their grades and test results. This is why students often require the assistance of professional writers to help them get admitted to their dream schools;
  • Best thesis editing services – thesis writing requires comprehension of the entire course to be able to apply all the theories and lessons to come up with a substantive and well-written thesis. Unfortunately for others, thesis writing comes as a very difficult task for them and require the help of writing services to help them with their theses;
  • College essay proofreading service – college essay could be anything at all so it requires a student to have wide-range of knowledge about various things from arts to sciences and others. To ensure that they submit only essays that will garner them high grades, they often go to writing services for help;
  • Dissertation editing services – a dissertation is a final requirement before one can earn his Ph.D. and this is why graduate students often need assistance in writing dissertations from professional writers who have equal qualifications to ensure that they have both the substantive skills and procedural skills; and
  • Research paper editing and research paper proofreading service – research papers are often the banes of students’ existence because it requires a lot of work to finish. First, you have to do a thorough research of the topic, collect primary and secondary sources and make sure you write down all the important information about it so you can cite them properly.

Steps to Take Before Editing and Proofreading

Do not immediately edit and proofread your paper without detaching yourself first from it. Give it a few hours or a complete day before proceeding. Looking at your paper with fresh eyes makes it easier to spot substantive and technical mistakes.

Think as well if you are more comfortable editing and proofreading using a soft copy or a hard copy of your paper. Different people will have different preferences so think about which one works better for you. For some writers, using printed copies to edit and proofread is a form of detachment because they are looking at their work from a different medium.

Lastly, think about the environment where you would like to edit and proofread. Again, different people will have different preferences. Some would prefer a quiet place and then some would prefer a crowded one.

Steps to Follow for Editing

Editing a paper requires different levels such as content editing, overall structure, clarity, style, and citations.

Content editing means you have to look at all the parts of your paper to check whether they have been completed. Check all your arguments and see if they have all been substantiated with facts and other pieces of evidence. Also, check if they are relevant and necessary to the paper. Otherwise, you can delete or revise accordingly.

As for the overall structure, check whether all the facts and information you included in the paper are placed under the right part of the paper (abstract, introduction, et cetera). The first thing you have to do is, of course, know what the parts are and what you should be placing under it. Check also if these parts are chronologically arranged. Additionally, you have to check with the transition from paragraph to paragraph to see that it is done smoothly.

As for the clarity, you will have to look at the word usage and see whether they are the proper terms to use. Otherwise, it will only cause confusion especially if you use technical terms or jargons. Check also whether your arguments are on point or if they are ambiguous. You have to scrutinize them carefully.

As for the style, you have to check your language and tone if they are appropriate to the academic level as well as if it is consistent throughout the paper.

Finally, you have to check whether your primary and secondary sources have been properly cited. You also have to check whether your citation style is as required.

Steps to Follow for Proofreading

When you are done editing your paper, you can now proceed to proofread it. Remember to proofread your paper more than once to make sure that you do not leave out any grammatical or usage error.

In proofreading, you have the option to use grammar checks that are available online or do it yourself. Perhaps you can even do both to ensure your paper is spotless. Do not try to rush this process as it requires scrutiny and patience especially because some mistakes are not glaring. It would take more than twice sometimes to spot a mistake. So take your time and remain focused.

You can start by proofreading per part or chapter and you can rest in between if you prefer. You can also strategize by going through the entire paper first for spelling check and then work on the punctuation marks, word usage, and so on.

You can also request the help of your family and friends to proofread your work, too.  

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