Revision Policy

We take pride in the quality of our work and our clients can testify that we are the best writing service they have ever used. Our company is composed of professional writers and editors, which make our clients, feel confident that the writing they will pay for will be unique and of great quality.

We do not leave our clients unsatisfied that is why we always make sure to deliver work free of errors as much as possible. However, revisions are sometimes necessary especially when the writing does not meet the expectation of the client due to additional information needed, lack of requirement or a change in instruction.

General Revision Policy

  • Before placing an order, clients must first agree with the terms and conditions.
  • You can contact us and tell us exactly what you need to change or add. If the final draft was lacking in information because the client failed to give the complete instructions, we should not be held responsible for that.
  • We will provide endless revisions only if we fail to comply with the instructions or requirements given by the clients. Most revisions are free of charge. We just require clients to be more specific with the things that need to be changed or added.
  • No additional revisions will be taken that is not included during the placement of order.
  • There will be a minimal charge for any additional work requested based on the kind of revision, percentage of changes, number of words and urgency of the work.

Procedures in Requesting for Revisions

  • Placing an order for revisions is easy. Clients must contact our customer support and we will be happy to assist you accordingly.
  • We treat revision requests individually. Charges for every change vary. If the clients requests for additional content that was not paced in the original order, there will be additional charge. To avoid paying for unnecessary fees, clients must be very specific on the kinds of changes they want, and to communicate with the writer all necessary information and instructions.
  • Clients may also request revision even after a week of getting the work. This is for clients whose work were given back to them due to a request of revision from an instructor or professor, this will be free of charge as long as it is within that period or it will be considered as a new order and an additional charge shall be collected.

Revision Time Frames

We strive to provide our clients with the best quality of writing at a reduced time frame for revisions. However, when clients need revisions not specified with the original instructions, they should give our writers an ample amount of time to accomplish them and they should be properly compensated.

In some cases, our writers might need more time to review and revise the work especially for work with more than the original required number of words. The client will be notified for new delivery date and the additional fees to set client’s expectations to avoid wasting time.

Clients must advise the writers if the requested revision is urgent work. Our writers will do their best to deliver quality writing in the given time frame at a minimal charge.

Modifications to Instructions for Revisions

Usually, we do not take additional work that is not specified during the placement of order. However, in some cases, we will allow clients to modify their instructions for revisions for a little extra charge, depending on changes made and urgency.

Request for Change of Writer

Our writers work hard to please every client by giving them the highest quality of work that is ready to turn in. This is why we do not think changing the assigned writer is necessary when the work done did not meet the expectation of the client.

However, we will allow it only if you provide us with valid reasons why you are not happy with your assigned writer. We will assign you a new writer when the current one already made at least 2 revisions of your requested work and the product is still unsatisfactory.


We asked clients to provide us with valid reasons why they need a refund so we can process it for them. Clients can request a refund on an event that the work with an urgent time frame was not met or the end result still did not meet the expectations or instructions of the clients.

Restrictions on Refund

We always treat every dispute personally and individually. We always try to find solutions that can work for the clients and the writers. The refund requested including all valid reasons for the request will be processed only after the last attempt to revise the work at least once for urgent cases and twice for those with 24-hour deadlines.

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