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New Zeland

College application in 48 hours

Excellent letter was written as a supportive one for my college application. I didn`t know such a paper could exist. Thousands of thank-yous to this writing resource and to the writing team.

July 05, 2017



Term paper, freshman, 20 days

No urgency was needed so I agreed to wait for about three weeks for my order. It was ready earlier than agreed and .... completely polished and of a great quality! Excellent job from the excellent writing resource!

July 01, 2017


Manitoba, Canada

Graduation speech completion

I was scared that the graduation speech of mine would be awful if I write it on my own... What a pleasure Awarded Essay agreed to give me a hand with this difficult task. They were sending me samples all the way, making sure that the paper they do is exactly what I need.

May 22, 2017

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