Privacy Policy

This document explains the types of information that we collect and how we use them. All users are responsible of making themselves aware of our privacy procedures by reading, reviewing and understanding these policies.

I. Types of Information we collect

  1. General Information: the IP addresses, pages visited and the amount of time the user spent on each pages and the browser used are collected every time users access our site. All data collected are used to improve user experience and we don not target usage of specific individuals.

However, cookies are still used and they are active while users are on our site but are immediately terminated when they leave “Consistent cookie” makes it easier for users to access the site by storing their login information. Although it may affect the user experience, they may opt to disable this at any time.

  1. Personal Information of Users:

Users must provide complete details to register and set-up an account on our site. This enables them to access the site and connect with other users. The website administrators must be informed should there be any changes made to user’s personal information, in order for the user to continue receiving notifications.

II. Posting of Contents

Users may post content or share information at their own risk. They have the option to limit the access of other users to certain contents and pages by setting up their privacy setting. We are not responsible for content other users may publish or on user’s pages, or information obtained by “hackers.”

Content published are public and may be accessed by other users. You may delete any content at any time you wish, but this does not guarantee the permanent deletion of the content.

All users of the site automatically agree to all terms and conditions. Legal actions will also be taken against violators. It is also the responsibility of all users to notify us if they believe other users are committing any violations.

III. Site Invitations

Any user may send invitation request to invite friends to join via our invitation service. That individual will be notified via email and the invite will be under your name. His/her contact information will be stored for future contact but he/she may opt out and decide not to receive any contact from us in the future.

IV. Transfer and Sharing of Personal Information

All users automatically agree that their information will be transferred and stored to and by us.

Age Restrictions for Users

Anyone under the age of 13 are not allowed to access, use or register on our site. The account of any user under the age of 13 will be terminated and all personal information will be removed from our system. However, they may contact us if they wish to re-join provided that they have a notarized statement from a parent or guardian stating that they were given permission to sign-up and use the site. When Do We Share User Information

We only share user’s personal information in these occasions:

  • Personal information will be forwarded to a third party secure processor once users make a purchase on our site.
  • The terms and conditions document states all restrictions and possible violations when posting contents. Your information will be forwarded to legal authorities once you violated any terms or state laws through the use of the site or contents you have published.
  • All contact information of the user will be transferred if the ownership of the account is transferred to another user. The user will be notified by us and the Privacy Policies will still be in effect should there be any changes made.

When Users Share Information with Third Parties

Any information shared to third parties is beyond our control and we will not be held liable for any consequences of such action. This is because we are not aware of the privacy policies and practices of the third party that users were able to access from our site.

Third-Party Links On Our Site

Users may access third parties on our site at their own risk and with full accountability for any consequences that may take place.

V. Deleting Content or Information

Editing tools are available to users to give them the freedom to modify information or set up their profile preferences. If you decide to delete any content that you have previously published, it will no longer show up on your pages, but may still exists elsewhere on the site. This is because the content was public at the time and was accessed or shared by other users.

VI. Site Security

Our site, strives to protect the privacy of all our users by practicing security measures such as securing servers with firewalls to protect user information. We are not responsible for information shared by other users.

VII. All Policies are Binding

You agree and are bound by the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the site when you choose to use it. Your use of our site means that you have read and understand all of the terms and conditions of both documents.

We will publish on the site any amendments to either our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions Agreement. Users will also be notified through email of such changes. Changes are in effect upon publications and users are bound to them.

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