Money Back Guarantee

We stick to the goal of leaving our customers satisfied and believe in the integrity of our writing services in Our company offers money back guarantee for rare cases when the services didn’t meet up with the expectations of the client.

You are entitled to a partial or full refund in cases like:

  • When the payment has been made and you decided to cancel the order before the work starts.

We allow refunds for orders that were cancelled but already paid for. There will be cases when orders have to be cancelled due to a lot of reasons. As long as there was no work done yet before cancellation, a full refund shall be given to the client.

  • There was no writer assigned or available at the time.

Although very rare this happens, we allow refund if we fail to provide you with writer within the quickest time. You can still opt to get another writer to work on your paper or revisions and we will try our best to find you the next available one.

  • There was already an assigned writer but you decided to cancel the service before the set deadline.

Depending on the amount of work done prior to cancellation of the service, we will allow refund of a certain percentage of the payment. This is to be fair to effort done by our writer and our company.

  • Late delivery of work.

In instances that we fail to deliver your paper in time, you will be entitled to a full refund of the work done because we value our clients and we always aim for customer satisfaction.

  • Work disputes over work-related issues.

Work-related disputes are normal in any work environment. If the dispute remains unresolved after several attempts of trying to solve it on both ends, we will process a refund for a portion of your payment. This is to cover the compensation of the writer when the work or a certain percentage of the work is already done.

  • The order was doubled.

We perfectly understand the pressure our clients must be under especially when the demands in academic performance is high. Mistakes like double order happens and we will be more than happy to refund your payment.

  • Doublepayment of the order

We always strive to practice fairness in our services that we always check if the price is just and the payment is right. In rare cases of doublepayment, we will process the refund of the payment. Clients must present both invoices to prove this claim.

  • The content of the work done was of poor quality and plagiarized.

In this very rare occasion where the work done by one of our skilled writers turned out to be of poor quality or plagiarized, we will be more than happy to refund the payment and ensure the client that we will take necessary actions to prevent it from happening again in the future and offer the client another writer to get the work done depending on the time frame.

  • Editing and proofreading

We also offer editing and proofreading services that is for free before we deliver your order. However, we also offer the same service for clients who wish to have papers edited or proofread. It will only take a few minutes to an hour to proofread and edit papers depending on the content. If the client is not satisfied after the revisions, we will refund the payment for these add-on services.

When refund is not possible

  • When the grades received is below what is expected

Although we take pride in the quality of services that we offer, we do not guarantee that any client will get his/her desired grade based on the paper he/she turned in. We do not allow refund for a work done following all the guidelines and instructions of the client based on the content and number of words, it still does not guarantee a high grade. What we can do is offer the client revision to satisfy the requirements for a small charge.

  • Delay in payment

In an event that the order was delayed and a client claims that the payment has been made, when in reality the payment has not been received by us yet, we do not allow refund.

Satisfaction guarantee

  • Free revisions

We offer free revision for work done by us and other request based on our revision policies.

  • Clients request for their own revisions

Clients also have the option to revise the paper they have purchased.

  • The clients are not satisfied with the work done

We will attempt to revise the work until it satisfies clients’ expectations before we process refund.

  • Refund of other services.

We also allow refund for add-on services that we offer.

Refund Procedures

Once you have contacted us for refund requests, we will be reviewing your request together with proof to support your claims. We’ll then send you a confirmation message and process your refund within 5 banking days. We will not be held liable for any delay caused by your bank or other fees that may be incurred for the transfer.

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