General Questions

What is AwardedEssay.com?

This website is operated under a writing company that provides various writing services, such as:

  • Custom Writing Services
  • Essay Writing Services
  • Paper Writing Services
  • Research Paper Writing Services
  • Term Paper Writing Services
  • Dissertation Writing Services
  • Editing and Proofreading Services
  • Other Services:
    • Book Reviews
    • Movie Reviews
    • Case Studies
    • Lab Reports
    • Article Critiques
    • Coursework
    • Powerpoint Presentations
    • Speeches
    • Copywriting
    • Website Content
    • Press Releases
    • Website Reviews
    • Product Reviews
    • Resume and CV Writing
    • Math/Science Services

The mission of AwardedEssay.com is to provide each and every one of our clients quality written work, produced by the best writers in the academic field.

How does AwardedEssay.com set itself apart from other writing services?

We are quite similar to other companies in terms of services and quality of writing; however, we pride ourselves in taking initiative whenever a client wants something done differently. We are not discriminate about the work that is given to us, which means that we can adjust to any client looking for writers, as is evident in our list of extra services such as speeches, resumes, etc.

How will I know if AwardedEssay.com is a reputable company?

This website is a legitimate business and is proven so by our existence on organic search pages and feedback sites. We can prove that we are reputable by giving our clients a taste of our product using samples and paid trial papers. We also have secure payment options, with two-way refund systems, like PayPal and credit card processing parties.

Why are there only a few AwardedEssay.com reviews?

We are a relatively new site and the clients we have worked with have already submitted their reviews. Those may be the ones that you have read, but we are constantly improving our feedback system in order to give future clients a better overview of our quality of service.

Will AwardedEssay.com get me better grades?

Yes, we will. This is especially true if you study our guidelines and the way our papers are written. We emphasize that our materials are for research and referential purposes only. If you choose to submit it, we will not be liable for any of the consequences.

Do I need to tell people that I bought a paper from AwardedEssay.com?

You can, but only at your own risk. Some institutions look down upon this type of service, but we only see it as a way to help students and other people excel in their professional endeavors. It will be your choice to divulge your use of the site and no one else. Although we are a public domain, we keep our transactions private. If anyone finds out about your use of our site, we can assure you that it will not be due to a breach in our security. 

Product Related

How can I buy a written project from you?

You can order your paper by visiting our homepage and browsing through the services we offer. Read more on what you can expect and go to the order page to purchase a paper. Write down your additional instructions, upload or write down your resources, and wait for the customer service department to inform you about the confirmation of your order. Once that is done, you will be assigned to a writer and you may collaborate with them through our portal or relay any urgent messages using our customer service lines.

Are your writers qualified to write about anything?

Yes, they are. We have more than enough writers, who are experts in different fields of study. Not only that, but we also have writers, who have experience in other forms of media such as copywriting, resume writing, and many others. Our writers all hold degrees from esteemed universities from across the country. We hire writers with undergraduate degrees, masters degrees, and doctorates. This way, you may rest assured that the quality of your paper will be exquisite.

What will happen if I dislike the submitted paper?

You may file a dispute with our customer service team. Our editors and managers will review your issue and decide whether or not there is a legitimate cause for concern. We offer revisions for papers that were not written according to the client’s instructions or are judged to be of low quality. The writer will be reprimanded and the client will be given a full refund or a free revision from another trusted writer with a better track record.

How will I know if the paper you submitted is unique or plagiarized?

Although we have our own plagiarism checker, you may use other applications that check for plagiarism online. You may use websites like Copyscape and Grammarly, if you feel that the paper is plagiarized. If you get any hits, report it to our team immediately.

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Will my account be public and seen by anyone on the site?

No. Client information is always considered private. We do not give out any information, unless it is subpoenaed by the proper authorities. By then, we will have been alerted to any illegal activity from any client. Otherwise, your information stays safe inside our firewalled and encrypted servers.

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