Our goal, when it comes to our clients, is to express a transparent explanation of what we do and what we are all about. We respect the rights of our clients and we strive to uphold our responsibilities for them, as they purchase our services. We expect the same in return, which is why we have composed this disclaimer as a protection for all parties involved.

We have Privacy Policies and Terms of Use in place, but our disclaimer will discuss what we can offer and what our limitations are. Although, we urge our clients and users to thoroughly study the documents we mentioned in order to avoid misunderstandings and lessen the occurrence of disputes.

When you order a paper from AwardedEssay.com, you are immediately obligated to follow the terms, conditions, and policies stated in these legal documents. Should you fail to read these, we will not be held responsible for any consequences of any unfavorable actions you take.

Using Our Papers and Products

Our client must agree that all of the papers or products they receive from AwardedEssat.com will only be used for personal, research, and referential purposes. Our papers may not be put on sale or shared with anybody else. AwardedEssay.com will not be held liable for any consequences that our clients may encounter due to the use of our papers, services, and other products.

Contact Details of Clients

Clients must provide the site with correct contact details, in case of urgent matters. They must give us a working e-mail address and phone number. Should we fail to reach a client because of false or outdated information, the site will not be held liable in any disputes concerning delays, revisions, and inconsistencies with client data.

Cancelling an Order

When a client decides to retract their purchase, we will refund them. Full refunds will be given when no writer has been assigned yet. Once a writer has begun working on a paper, the refund will be based upon the amount of work accomplished by the writer.

Website Resources

Writers will choose the specific resources to be used and guide the client accordingly. Should the client have a specific resource in mind, the writer will only use that as specified by the client. Otherwise, the writer will choose an appropriate medium, portal, or source to write the paper based on the academic degree required.

If the writer cannot attain these resources, the client must provide these. If the resource must be paid for, the amount will be charged to the client.

The submission of resources must be accomplished in due time, or else it might impede the deadline of the submission. If this happens, the writer and the site will not be liable for any delays.

Specification of Orders

Clients must be very precise when giving orders and instructions. The writer will follow any and all instructions given by the client. If the client fails to give any specific instructions, the writer will follow the prerequisite rules established when writing specific types of papers, such as investigative essays, theses, dissertations, etc.

If the client is unreachable, the writer and the site will not be responsible for any consequences stemming from the use of the final product after the deadline of submission.

Revision Policies

When a client finds a paper unsatisfactory, they may ask for their paper to be revised. They should contact customer support, explain the changes they want, and wait for the writer to respond accordingly. The revisions must be in line with the original instructions in order to be free of charge. The site will not allow revisions that convert the originally made paper into a completely different one.

The same goes if the writer is at fault. Only then will the revisions be free. If the revisions require extreme changes to the original instructions, an added fee will be charged.

Complaints of Plagiarism

Our site is equipped with anti-plagiarism software, which is used by many esteemed universities and colleges. We do not copy papers, nor do we spin original ones from other sources. If a client thinks that a product has been plagiarized, they must submit their complaint to the customer service team. The complaint will be reviewed and if the client is right, the company will revise the whole paper for free and the writer will be dealt with accordingly. AwardedEssay.com does not tolerate plagiarism in any way.

Technical Difficulties

There may be times when the site goes offline due to extenuating circumstances or the client may experience technical issues of their own. In case of technical difficulties that the company cannot control, we will not be liable for any issues concerning the purchase of a product.

Payment Policies

Writers will not begin any work until the payment has been made. Customers may use a variety of payment options, all of which are equipped with dispute and refund options, such as PayPal, credit card processors, and the like.

Meeting Deadlines

Our site boasts an almost perfect rating when it comes to submission deadlines. These are dependent on the client response time, as well as the manner in which the instructions were provided. We also consider the accessibility to the client through their contact details, as well as the provision of resource materials in a timely manner.

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