5 Tech Trends That Could Supercharge Education in 2017

Posted: November 01, 2016 To: Study
Content 5 tech trends that could supercharge education in 2017

The future or that is to say the technologies of tomorrow are already being tested in classrooms today in the advancement of how students can learn. Some of these technologies have already found their way into education while some are already being prepared for mass distribution. They are all expected to enhance the learning capability of not just students but individuals who are and who will be exposed to these new technologies.

Using the themes: mesh, digital, and intelligent – a top list of technologies has been announced to break out in 2017 which promises an intelligent future. These are smart systems that adapt, learn, and can possibly act independently instead of just executing predefined directions.

Advance Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning (ML) and Artificial intelligence covers tech that uses neural networks, deep learning, and natural language processing, which make these technologies learn, understand, adapt, predict, and operate on its own. These are specifically useful in banks to use updated instantaneous transactions and in businesses to develop transparent and precise business values. The ability of the previous system to learn and change future behavior has lead to the advancement of more intelligent devices and programs.

Intelligent Applications

Intelligent Applications include technologies such as virtual personal assistants (VPA), security tools, advanced analytics and more. VPAs make tasks easier and more efficient by focusing first on emails, as well as highlighting vital data or interactions while security tools are used for business apps for marketing. It is expected that majority of the world’s biggest companies will be exploiting this kind of technology to utilize analytics tools and big data to fine-tune their services and develop customer service in 2018.

Intelligent Objects

Intelligent things include drones, robots, and autonomous vehicles. They are expected to advance the impact of the bigger cut of the market and back up the new level of virtual business, representing a facet of all the intelligent things making the office, home, medical facilities, and factory more productive and efficient. As these technologies progress or turn into significantly prevalent, they will change from being detached to being more collaborative wherein they are able to communicate with each other and act as one to accomplish more tasks. Although it will slow down some scenarios like privacy and liability.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality changes the way people interrelate with others, creating a more immersive environment. VRs can be utilized for training and remote activities while ARs enable a merger of both the virtual and real worlds. These technologies can help businesses integrate graphics onto tangible objects in real life. Eventually, they can be developed until they can include the five human senses other than visual.

Digital Twins

There are over several billion objects, which will soon be characterized by digital twins, within three to five years to be exact. A digital twin is an interactive software model of a physical object or structure used in the analysis and simulation of real-life conditions through physics information on how the parts of an object operates and responds to its setting. It also functions as a proxy for the mixture of talented individuals and conventional monitoring tools and devices. However, the introduction of this technology would require a change in the culture and perception as real-life things cooperate with information technologists and data scientists. When mixed with virtual representations of environments and facilities as well as individuals, enterprises, and systems, it can increase the precise virtual representation of real life for analysis, control, and simulation.

The use of these technologies in the future will surely boost the educational system and further the developments of other tools that will pave the way for a better and brighter future not just for students but for everyone in the society. 

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