Feeling Jittery About College Application Essay? 16 Expert Tips to ‘Wow’ Your Admission Officers

Posted: November 01, 2016 To: Study
Content feeling jittery about college application essay 16 expert tips to  wow  your admission officers

College application essays are a prerequisite to enrolling in most colleges and universities along with good grades and extracurricular activities. These application essays enable the admissions department to look at your values and other accomplishments which they otherwise cannot find in your academic grades.

Because it can actually make or break your future, most students run to professional writers such as Awarded Essay to write their application essays for them. In any case, you can use the following tips to impress the admissions officers:

  1. Start with an anecdote. Instead of quoting popular and overused personalities, you can begin with an interesting personal story that will grab the attention of the reader. Make sure to pick something that will reveal something about yourself.
  2. Do not mold it according to the prompt. Of course, you have to answer the prompt directly but choosing a topic first can limit the potential of your application essay. Write something that you want to share with them and then later check for which one fits best and edit accordingly.
  3. Share only a slice of your life; not the whole story. Remember that this is not an autobiography. Choose only the aspect of it that you find worthy of sharing and describe it thoroughly. That is much easier than cramming everything in one short essay.
  4. Put yourself in the shoes of the admissions officer. When writing about anything, the author has to think of his audience. Consider what they would like to find in an essay or more like what they would like to find in a potential student.
  5. Do not rush. Do not cram your application essay. After all, this is not just a simple homework. This could define your future which means it deserves ample time to craft.
  6. Avoid the most generic topics. While it is important to be honest about it, you also have to balance it with strategy. That is, think about the competition. The less popular your topic, the more it will stand out.
  7. Keep it short. Most colleges will provide a limit to the essay but for those that will not, try to keep it as concise as possible. You do not want to tire or bore them with a long story when you can write it in one to two pages.
  8. Answer a few questions first. Before you start with your essay, ask yourself the most basic questions first including what your interests are, your strengths, your weaknesses, and the like. These will help shape your essay.
  9. Do not beat around the bush. A little metaphor and personification add beauty to the essay but you have to keep it at a minimum. Remember that it is better to keep it short and simple.
  10. Keep it interesting. There will be thousands of applicants submitting practically the same essay topic so you might want to spice it up to make it stand out.
  11.   Follow instructions. There are going to be some colleges who will straight out fail an applicant for not following instructions so you might want to play it safe and just follow all the directions.
  12. Follow the word count. A typical college application essay has a 600 to 650-word limit. Try to keep it within that range unless the school provided for another word limit.
  13. Use your essay to convey something that your grades will not. The purpose of college application essays is to know something more about the applicant that goes beyond his grades. Share more of your values and other achievements.
  14. Keep your writing skills in check. Your application essay has to be well-written which means it has to be free from any grammatical and spelling errors and must showcase impeccable writing style.
  15. Use simple words. Using basic words does not mean your vocabulary is inferior. You simply just want to avoid confusion. It is the writing style that matters.
  16. Edit and proofread before you submit. No drafts are ever perfect. Edit and proofread more than once to make sure it is perfect and good to go. 
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