2016-2017 Common Application Essay Prompts: A Guide November 02, 2016 To: Study
Wide 2016 2017 common application essay prompts a guide

In line with the start of the 2016-2017 college application, a number of common application essay topics have surfaced for aspirants to look into and start working on their college applications. The topics that have been confirmed are similar to that of last year’s (2015-2016) and, likewise, they are subject to creative interpretation without compromising the core guidelines that students will have to follow.

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5 Tech Trends That Could Supercharge Education in 2017 November 01, 2016 To: Study
Wide 5 tech trends that could supercharge education in 2017

The future or that is to say the technologies of tomorrow are already being tested in classrooms today in the advancement of how students can learn. Some of these technologies have already found their way into education while some are already being prepared for mass distribution. They are all expected to enhance the learning capability of not just students but individuals who are and who will be exposed to these new technologies.

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Fun Task Ahead: 13 Hacks to Make Essay Writing a Pure Pleasure November 01, 2016 To: Study
Wide fun task ahead 13 hacks to make essay writing a pure pleasure

Writing an essay can be quite boring and tiring especially if you are limited to a certain topic that you are really not interested in or familiar with. But there is no need to worry about that anymore, we have gathered 13 hacks to make essay writing a pure pleasure for you.

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Popular Essay Topics in 2016 and What Should We Expect in 2017 November 01, 2016 To: Study
Wide popular essay topics in 2016 and what should we expect in 2017

The good thing about many colleges is that they accept a common application which makes it possible for student applicants to apply to various schools with just one form. There are five common app essay prompts for the school year 2016-2017 which are basically the same as last year’s.

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Feeling Jittery About College Application Essay? 16 Expert Tips to ‘Wow’ Your Admission Officers November 01, 2016 To: Study
Wide feeling jittery about college application essay 16 expert tips to  wow  your admission officers

College application essays are a prerequisite to enrolling in most colleges and universities along with good grades and extracurricular activities. These application essays enable the admissions department to look at your values and other accomplishments which they otherwise cannot find in your academic grades.

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